GFOA members receive special discounts and benefits when they take advantage of the association's many resources to enhance their professional skills and keep up-to-date on developments in their field.

Annual Conference

More than 4,100 delegates gather each year for this three-day professional meeting. The GFOA Annual Conference offers a unique opportunity for members to share ideas, develop technical and managerial skills, view new products, and network with their peers. Conference attendees can select from more than 85 concurrent sessions, roundtable discussions, and preconference training seminars to customize their own training agenda.

National Training Programs

The GFOA offers year-round learning opportunities with more than 75 CPE-accredited national training seminars. Courses are developed and taught by public finance specialists, and are offered at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in a variety of geographic locations. In addition, video satellite teleconferences, Internet seminars, and DVDs are offered as alternatives to traditional classroom-style training.

Publications and Electronic Media

As a major publisher, the GFOA maintains an inventory of more than 75 books, manuals, and guides on government finance topics. In addition, the association also offers CD-ROM, MP3, and DVDs tailored for specific financial analysis and management tasks. A catalog is available on the GFOA's Web site.

Advanced Government Finance Institute

In partnership with the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the GFOA sponsors the annual Advanced Government Finance Institute to explore emerging trends in economics, technology, management and leadership, and intergovernmental affairs.


The Certified Public Finance Officers Program (Certification Program) of the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) is a broad educational self-study program designed to verify knowledge in the disciplines of government finance. The Certification Program is governed by the Council on Certification. Technical and administrative support for the program is provided by Radford University's Governmental and Nonprofit Assistance Center.


Members of the GFOA automatically receive the membership Newsletter and magazine Government Finance Review:
  • Through its twice-monthly GFOA Newsletter, the association keeps members informed of current legislative information, upcoming GFOA activities, and other topical news. In addition, a special section in each issue lists available employment opportunities. Request to receive your GFOA Newsletter subscription via e-mail, paper, or both by e-mailing Subscriptions.
  • Published every other month, Government Finance Review covers a broad range of financial management issues through articles contributed by practicing finance officers, educators, and other public finance experts.

The GFOA also publishes specialty subscription newsletters on accounting, auditing, and financial reporting (GAAFR Review); cash management (Treasury Management); and pension and benefits issues (Pension & Benefits Update).


Washington, D.C. Representation

The GFOA maintains regular contact with members of Congress and key administration officials to represent GFOA interests in Washington, D.C. In addition, the association keeps members informed of federal policies that affect their jurisdictions.

Technical Inquiry Service

Members may contact the GFOA offices with questions on financial management topics.

Award Programs

The GFOA recognizes and encourages excellence in financial reporting, budgeting, and financial management by granting awards to those state, provincial, and local governments that meet specific program standards. Success in any of these technical recognition programs represents a significant accomplishment:
  • Awards for Excellence in Financial Management,
  • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting,
  • Canadian Award for Financial Reporting,
  • Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards, and
  • Popular Annual Financial Reporting.

Financial Management Research and Consulting

The GFOA provides policy research and consulting services to its members on a variety of financial management and technology topics.

Annual Scholarships

The association sponsors five scholarships to recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate students of public finance who are preparing for a career in state or local government finance.

Web Site

The GFOA's Web site ( provides quick access to updated GFOA news and information. Or, you may contact the association's full-time staff in the  Chicago, Illinois, office.


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