Articles In The April 2009 Issue

Fund Balance: New and Improved

(122 KB PDF) April09 GFR Cover

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement  No.54, issued in February 2009, will not affect the calculation of fund balance, but will fundamentally alter the various components used to report it.

Stephen J. Gauthier


When Leadership Fails
If an organization’s governing board fails to establish and follow adequate policies and procedures, fraud will occur — the only  question is when.
Dennis F. Dycus


The GASB Turns 25:A Retrospective

The Governmenta Accounting Standards Board (GASB) celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2009.These years are reviewed in the context of the GASB’s major standards and the people who have  done the work — the board members and its staff.

Terry K. Patton and Robert J. Freeman


Capital Confusion: 12 Misunderstandings about Accounting for Capital Assets

Most state and local governments must confront the ongoing challenge of accounting for capital assets. This article focuses on 12 common misunderstandings.
Stephen J. Gauthier


Identifying Shortfalls:The Importance of Cash Flow Analysis in Times of Fiscal Stress 

 Converting the annual financial budget into monthly variance analysis reports can provide an early warning system for identifying cash shortfalls.

Christopher J. Swanson and Shayne C. Kavanagh