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This Web resource provides information for those governments looking to maximize the value of their investment in information technology (IT). If you have ever wondered how to get more mileage out of your ERP system, how to better plan and manage the IT function, or how to realize all the promised changes from your software projects, then this resource is for you!


In the future, we will be adding resources on business process management (BPM), and materials to supplement those found in the GFOA's publication, “The ERP Book: Financial Management Technology from A to Z”. The book will be available in Spring, 2010, and you will be able to order it from this site. Also, “IT Budgeting and Decision Making: Maximizing Your Government’s Technology Investments” is available now, and can be purchased here Email\Fax


We hope that these publications and this site are of assistance to you in maximizing the value of your information technology dollars. For other assistance with information technology, please contact us


GFOA Resources to Help You Extend the Value of Your IT

IT Management – Aligning the IT organization and its plans with the government’s overall goals is crucial, and this section will help get you started. Resources include templates, tools, and samples for IT Strategic Planning and IT Governance.

Change Management – All too often, governments find that implementation of new software hasn’t delivered the results they were looking for. This section provides resources to help plan for change before implementation, to help make sure that you get the most bang for the buck. For those governments that have finished implementing new software, this section provides some thoughts and tools on post-implementation evaluations.

Business Process Management – The most difficult part of any IT project isn’t the hardware or software, it is redefining processes to take advantage of the power of a new technology platform. This section discusses process mapping and reengineering from a practical viewpoint, to help you make those critical process changes.



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