Articles In The Latest Issue: October 2009 GFR October 2009 Cover

Tactical Financial Management: Cash Flow and Budgetary Variance Analysis
In the current environment, public officials can’t wait until the end of the year to get an accurate picture of financial position. The ability to make these timely alternations guards against having to make more draconian adjustments later.
Shayne C. Kavanagh and Christopher J. Swanson

Local Government Investment Pools and the Financial Crisis: Lessons Learned
Exotic investments are out and plain vanilla is back in style. Local government investment pools have done pretty well – with a few notable exceptions – and learned some lessons in the process.
Jeff Pantages

Banking Due Diligence in the New Financial World
Finance officers need to understand what is happening in the banking system and be more careful than ever about due diligence.
Cynthia J. Evangelisti and Kevin C. Lockhart

Managing Technology Costs
Standardizing, centralizing, and consolidating technology funding, equipment, and support enables governments to more effectively accommodate innovation and manage costs.
Norm Cummings

Repurchase Agreements: A Refresher Course
Repurchase agreements have long been a safe way to invest short-term or overnight cash. but given the precarious condition of a number of banks, now is an opportune time to review the basics.
Steven McArthur