Articles In The Latest Issue: December 2009Government Finance Review December 2009 Cover

Building a Financially Resilient Government through Long-Term Financial Planning
Local governments will continue to face serious challenges from the outside, so finance officers must strive to help their organizations go beyond sustainability to a system that is adaptable and regenerative.
Shayne C. Kavanagh

How Innovation Can Help You Do More with Fewer Resources
Governments need to find ways to cut costs by doing things in different ways – using technologies to rethink how governments are organized and deliver services.
William D. Eggers and Shalabh Singh

Managing for Innovation in Local Government: Three Core Strategic Factors
Local governments that practice and emphasize three strategic factors within their administrative systems experience a significant frequency of innovations that are perceived as highly effective.
Gerald T. Gabris, Kimberly Nelson, and Curtis H. Wood

A Balanced Budget: It’s Not Just About Cuts
The current mix of expenditures can no longer be based on past models. Local governments cannot afford the status quo.
Melanie D. Purcell

Coping with Crisis: Budgeting in Recession by Large U.S. Cities
A survey of the budget and finance offices in the largest city in each state answers the question, how are large cities around the United States confronting the recession?
Carol W. Lewis and Joseph Mello