Implement the Project

Implementing the project is where the plan is put into action. Implementation requires:

Delegation. Identify those tasks that you must personally do and strongly consider delegating the rest. Identify those tasks where additional training for team members may enable additional delegation or where you may need consultant expertise to perform a task.

Progress monitoring. Develop a monitoring system that maintains focus on the key success factors for the project and the end-goals. Avoid a system that gets mired in minutiae. The system should also provide timely information on progress and be responsive to potential problems in the project.

Cost monitoring. When funds are scarce it is especially important that the project remain within budget. Beware common causes of blown budgets such as overtime, inadequate training, and not getting firm prices from suppliers and subcontractors.

Quality control. The cost of re-work is much greater than doing a good quality check. Give quality control adequate time in the project schedule and give deliverables a thorough review.

Avoid mission creep. Stakeholders will often want to increase the scope of the project to address new issues. Mission creep puts additional strain on the schedule and budget.

Manage delay. Use your progress monitoring system to recognize potential delays early and develop a remedy. Remedies might include getting additional executive support for people to deliver on their commitments to the project, scaling back the scope, or using later steps in the process to recover.

Address people issues. Problems with team members can be the most devastating to the project, especially if allowed to fester. Look for signs of trouble such as increased tension on the team or loss of enthusiasm for the work.

Report progress to stakeholders. Give regular updates to stakeholders and work with them to make sure they are getting the information they need. Be honest with progress and challenges.

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