Articles In The Latest Issue: February 2010 GFR Cover Image

The New World of Selling Bonds
Given the recent economic changes, issuers need to think again about how the sell municipal bonds. It’s going to take more work, especially for smaller, less frequent issuers with unique or complex offerings.
Paul Rosenstiel
Ensuring a Successful Bond Sale
A successful bond sale gets the lowest borrowing cost and obtains the bond proceeds in a timely manner. But there should also be a third goal: making every step in the process in an open, transparent, and defensible manner.
Eric H. Johansen
The 2010 Municipal Market: Looking for the Calm after the Storm
After what was by all accounts an extraordinary year for municipal bonds, 2010 is expected to feature fewer liquidity problems but more issues with credit.
Chris Mier

Back to Basics: What Every Government Should Check Each Time It Issues Debt
Using a basic checklist every time ensures that best practices are being followed and that the jurisdiction remains in compliance with federal securities and tax laws.
Robert W. Scott

Calculating Debt Service When Payment Frequencies Differ
Since the payment frequency affects the total cost of the loan, it can be a good idea to run several scenarios when evaluating a new debt issuance. Calculating debt service can be a relatively straightforward process, but sometimes, a customized model is needed.
Keith R. Herrmann