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Anatomy of a Priority -Based Budget Process
The traditional incremental approach to budgeting is not up to the financial challenges posed by the Great Recession. Priority-driven budgeting, which helps a government identify its most important strategic priorities, is a natural alternative.
Shayne C. Kavanagh, Jon Johnson, and Chris Fabian

Budgeting for Outcomes in Savannah
The transition to the priority-driven budgeting for outcomes process helped the City of Savannah focus available revenue while supporting its most important goals.
Eva Elmer and Christopher Morrill

Sunnyvale’s Tool for Surviving Fiscal Challenges
Its culture of long-term planning gives the City of Sunnyvale, California, a tool that helps it identify fiscal challenges early on and gives it time to deal strategically with major issues.
Mary J. Bradley and Drew Corbett

Oakland County Emphasizes Long-Term Planning over Immediate Fixes
Focusing on immediate budget fixes can help to stabilize the situation in times of economic crisis, but it will not solve the overall problem. That requires an effective long-term budgeting process.
Laurie Van Pelt

Developing a Municipal Price Index
The City of Calgary, Alberta, has developed a municipal price index to improve the accuracy by which its local government costs can be projected.
Patrick Walters and John Dunfield