Articles In The Latest Issue: June 2010 June 2010 GFR Cover

Running the Government Race: Reaching the Finish Line with Technology
Jurisdictions need to find applications for new and existing technologies and to restructure their organizations in a way that reduces the cost of providing services.
Phil Bertolini
Making an Enterprise System Work for Your Organization
Having some guidelines in place can help protect an organization’s substantial technology investment during rough economic times.
Rob Roque

Cloud Computing: Pueblo County Shared Services Partnership
One of the big expenses for counties is the cost of purchasing and supporting enterprise software. To address this situation, Pueblo County, Colorado, came up with the idea of sharing its internally developed property assessment management system.
Dan Mauro
Understanding and Mitigating IT Project Risks
There are strategies and tactics you can use to mitigating the more subtle risks to the success of a technology project in achieving its intended results for your organization.
Mike Bailey and Mike Riffel
Line Management Program: Innovative Customer Service Delivery
The Johnson County, Kansas, Treasurer’s Department line management program is an innovative concept that uses text messaging, online reservations, touch screen monitors, and television displays to enhance the customer service delivery at motor vehicle offices.

Amy Meeker-Berg