Articles In The Latest Issue: October 2010 GFR October Cover

A New Era of Development: Rock Hill’s Brownfield Renovation Project
The creative use of both tax increment financing and municipal improvement district financing allowed the City of Rock Hill, South Carolina, to form a partnership with a developer to transform a brownfield site into a $600 million mixed use development – all while protecting the city’s financial investment.
David Vehaun

Citizen Attachment: Building Sustainable Communities
To answer the challenges it faces, we must work with citizens to transform their relationship with local government.
Mark A. Glaser, Misty R. Bruckner, and Corinne Bannon

Back to the Base: Citizen Involvement and the Budget Process
Getting a sense of how satisfied citizens are with government services is good, but finding out what is important and what drives behaviors like remaining in the community is powerful information for making tough budget decisions.
William SaintAmour and Tom Huggler

Thinking Strategically about Recovery Budgeting: A Case Study on Public-Private Partnerships
The City of Sandy Springs, Georgia, incorporated in 2005, was the first city to outsource all municipal services, except public-safety services, to one private-sector entity.
Amy Davis 

Reorganization Model: A New Vision for Kelowna, British Columbia
The City of Kelowna, British Columbia, reorganized itself so its services and management would focus on people first, a vision that makes the city better and more resilient.
Paul Macklem