A major goal of this task force is to increase and improve links between individual finance officers and between GFOA and other organizations to better achieve common goals.  Specific objectives of this goal include the following:


  • Working with other organizations (e.g., the Federation of Canadian Municipalities) in advocacy efforts with senior governments

  • Developing ongoing working relationships with other organizations, especially provincial associations of finance officers


  • Creating contact lists to facilitate the sharing of information between individual finance officers


  • To promote membership in provincial finance associations and by doing so to increase membership in GFOA international

Another major goal of this task force is to improve communications with and between members of GFOA International and members of provincial finance associations.  Specific objectives this goal include the following:

  • Improving the usefulness of GFOA’s website to Canadians


  • Maintaining and promoting the GFOA’s Canadian Newsletter, the Canadian Finance Matters

Membership:Carl Bird (Co-Chair), Teresa Florizone (Co-Chair), Catherine Brubacher, Cindy Fernandes, Suzanne Fillion


 Professional Development

The goal of this task force is to improve the Canadian content of GFOA professional development efforts.  Specific objectives of the task force include:

  • Improving the relevance of GFOA training to Canadians, including sessions at GFOA International’s annual conference


  • Promoting and overseeing the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting (CAnFR) Program.


  • Encouraging research on topics of relevance to Canadians


  • Improving the relevance of GFOA publications to Canadians


  • Improving the Canadian content of the GFOA’s Newsletter and Government Finance Review

Membership: Ron Kaufman (Co-Chair), Greg Kliparchuk (Co-Chair), Marion Brass-Yellowfly, Mark Gilbert, Lorna Rosen, Tina Tapley


The goal of this task force is to develop recommendations and promote guidelines of professional practice that are specifically relevant to Canadians:

  • Promoting Canadian best practices

Membership: Trevor Bingler (Co-Chair), Bruce Fisher (Co-Chair), Robert Bishop, Glen Jarbeau, Valentina Todoran