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The GFOA is the professional association of state/provincial and local finance officers in the United States and Canada, and has served the public finance profession since 1906. GFOA members are dedicated to the sound management of government financial resources.


With 17,800 members, the GFOA has experienced a steady growth in the past 10 years, adding more than 5,000 finance professionals to our organization. The GFOA continues to provide leadership to the government finance profession through research, education, and recommended practices.

We thank our members for continuing to introduce colleagues to the GFOA. Help the GFOA take you to the next level of government finance. Encourage coworkers and colleagues to join or add additional members to your government’s existing membership.



Membership in the GFOA is open to everyone whose career, studies or interests involve government financial management. GFOA members form a diverse group of individuals, from entry-level employees to senior managers who work for a broad range of governments, including cities, towns, and other municipalities of all sizes; county governments; school districts and special districts; public employee retirement systems; states and provinces; schools of administration and public affairs; libraries; federal agencies; and accounting firms, law firms, investment banks, and consulting institutions.


Professional Services

The association's full-time staff administers a broad range of services and programs in the major functional areas of government financial management, including:

  • Accounting, auditing, and financial reporting;
  • Budgeting and financial planning;
  • Capital finance and debt administration;
  • Cash management and investments;
  • Financial management;
  • Retirement administration and finance; and,
  • Health care and other employee benefits

Membership Services

GFOA members regularly take advantage of the following association programs, services, and activities to strengthen their professional skills and keep up-to-date on developments in their field:

  • Publications. The GFOA is a major publisher with an inventory of more than 75 books on government finance topics.

  • Periodicals. In addition to the weekly membership e-Newsletter and bimonthly professional magazine, the association also publishes specialty newsletters on  accounting, auditing, and financial reporting and treasury and investment management.

  • National Training. More than 75 national seminars at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels offer year-round learning opportunities for finance managers.

  • Consulting. The association's full-time research staff contracts with public- and private-sector clients in a variety of financial management areas.

  • Scholarships. The association sponsors several scholarships to recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in public finance.

  • Annual Conference. More than 4,100 delegates gather each year for this three-day professional meeting.

  • Award Programs. The GFOA offers a range of technical recognition programs, including: the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting, the Popular Annual Financial Reporting Program, the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program, and the Award for Excellence in Financial Management.

  • Washington, D.C. Representation. Association staff maintains regular contact with members of Congress and  key administration officials to present the concerns of public finance officers and keep members informed of federal policies that affect them.

  • Technical Inquiry Services. Members may contact the GFOA offices with technical questions about financial management topics.
The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada is a professional organization of public officials united to enhance and promote the professional management of governmental financial resources by identifying, developing and advancing fiscal strategies, policies, and practices for the public benefit.

To further these objectives, all government finance officers are enjoined to adhere to legal, moral, and professional standards of conduct in the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities. Standards of professional conduct as set forth in this code are promulgated in order to enhance the performance of all persons engaged in public finance.
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