Articles In The Latest Issue: December 2010 Government Finance Review Cover

Getting Started with Process Improvement
Finance officers strive to make sure the organization is using its available resources as efficiently as possible. Doing so requires looking for process inefficiencies and knowing what some of the approaches to process improvement look like.
David Melbye

Labor and Management: Teaming up to Solve Budget Challenges
Most jurisdictions are asking themselves how to balance their budgets and still meet their core missions. The City of San Diego did it by turning to its workforce for concessions.
Jay M. Goldstone

Leadership in the Government Finance Profession: A Texas Perspective
A Texas research project sought answers about what leadership means in the government finance profession.
Randy Moravec

The Role of the Finance Officer in Strategic Planning
The challenge jurisdictions face is translating good vision and mission statements into strategic pathways that can focus the entire organization on what is important to the community. The finance official needs to be a key senior leader on this journey.
Joseph P. Casey and Kathleen T. Seay

Eat for Education: Roanoke, Virginia, Provides Fiscal First Aid for K-12 Education
The City of Roanoke, working with community and private organizations, used the tax increase to rally the public, encouraging them to eat at local restaurants in support of K-12 education.
Ann H. Shawver