Articles In The Latest Issue: February 2011Government Finance Review Cover

Setting the Record Straight About Public Pensions
Is there really a public pension crisis? And what can – and should – be done to address legitimate concerns about the sustainability of the pension benefits of public workers? Before any productive discussion can occur, it is necessary to agree on some basic facts, distinguish reality from hyperbole, and set the record straight.
Leigh Snell

Addressing the Media Misperceptions About Municipal Retirement
The media reports urgently warning that the public pension system is perched on the brink of disaster are based on questionable research that has created misconceptions about the health and future of the public-sector pension system.
Ronald D. Picur and Lance J. Weiss

Strategies to Consider as OPEB Costs Escalate
Many governmental employers have avoided material unfunded OPEB liabilities, but most of those that provide especially generous early-retirement medical benefits need to act soon to mitigate costs.
Girard Miller

Adjusting Public Pension Benefits in Colorado: A Fiduciary Process
For the first time in its history, the long-term viability of the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association was imperiled. This reality was a call to action, and the question became, what is the proper fiduciary response to such a crisis?
Gregory W. Smith

Adopting Automatic Enrollment in the Public Sector: A Case Study
Although it is still in its early stages, automatic enrollment is positively affecting participation rates in South Dakota’s Supplemental Retirement Plan, according to a recent study.
Robert L. Clark and Joshua M. Franzel