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A 12-Step Process to Financial Recovery: A Guide to the GFOA’s New Online Resource
Financial recovery is not just about stopping decline; its ultimate goal is to use the recovery experience to make the organization more resilient.

Shayne C. Kavanagh

The Real Stakes of Getting Tough with Public Workers
A coherent consensus on where public workers stand, relative to their private-sector counterparts, is elusive. One reason is the complexity of the issues involved in governmental employee compensation.
John D. Donahue
Updating Health Plan Designs Can Cut Short-Term Costs and Long-Term Liabilities
A recent survey reveals some of the strategies state and local governments are using – and should consider using – to address their health-care costs.

William SaintAmour

Health-Care Reform and Group Health Plans – One Year In
Governmental plan sponsors need to be familiar with significant components of the health-care reform act, what they should be doing now, and what tasks are on the horizon for future compliance.

Christopher S. Sears and Tara S. Sciscoe

The Fiscal Consequences of Municipal Discretion during the Great Recession
A 2010 study looks at whether there has been a difference in fiscal outcomes between empowered and less empowered municipalities during the Great Recession.

Curtis Wood