July 28, 2011

Exhibitor Update - Vol. 1-A: Clarification 

GFOA's 106th Annual Conference • June 10-13, 2012
McCormick Place West • Chicago, Illinois
Exhibit: June 10-12, 2012

We have received questions on how to receive the $500 in event space or dinner to Petterino's restaurant that was mentioned in today's earlier e-mail. All companies that reserve exhibit booth space by September 30 will be entered in a drawing to receive either the event space or dinner. Winners of that drawing will be announced during the first week of October. We apologize for any confusion.

For those of you planning events, watch the GFOA exhibitor page for other opportunities including discounts to area restaurants.

- Natalie Laudadio, Communications Manager - x 241
- Dan Zielinski, Senior Meeting Manager - x 261
- Barb Mollo, Director of Operations & Marketing - x 203
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