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Improve Performance Using the GFOA’s New Financial Management Assessment Tool
Knowing how effective you are means looking at each component of financial management to learn what is working well and what might benefit from improvement.
Michael Bailey, Karen Feher, and Shayne Kavanagh

Scrum: A Tool from the Software World Can Improve Analytical Project Outcomes
The right approach to analytical project management can drive achievement and minimize disappointing and costly results. Scrum is an effective technique for a rapidly changing environment filled with complexities and ambiguities.
Kymber Waltmunson

Bringing Numbers to the Table: What Finance Officers Need to Know About Collective Bargaining
For finance officers to best manage their organizations’ fiscal condition, they need to weigh in effectively as labor contracts are negotiated.
Michael Nadol and Vijay Kapoor

Managing Capital Assets: A New Emphasis on a Traditional Role
Capital asset management has become a topic of increasing interest, given high-profile infrastructure failures and the promulgation of new accounting standards, and many public officials and managers are revisiting the way this role is carried out.
Public Sector Digest Research and Shayne Kavanagh

Managing Debt Capacity: Taking a Policy-Based Approach to Protecting Long-Term Fiscal Health
Many factors determine a jurisdiction’s long-term fiscal health, but the single most important ingredient is developing and articulating clear fiscal policies before financial crises hit.
Bill Statler