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Gwinnett County’s Department of Financial Services Embraces Lean
Gwinnett County, Georgia, has concentrated on deploying Lean within the Department of Financial Services over the last two years. All underlying administrative processes must be continually improved to deliver and sustain superior service.
Richard Reagan

The 8 Sources of Waste and How to Eliminate Them: Improving Performance with Lean Management Techniques
The eight sources of waste reduce the value customers receive from a business processes. Lean is a system that helps identify and minimize or eliminate activities that do not create value
Shayne Kavanagh and David Krings

Performance Management as a Sustainable Enterprise: The Washington State Transportation Improvement Board’s Example
The Washington State Transportation Improvement Board’s transformation from a failing agency to a success story is an award-winning example of effective performance management.
Daniel B. Edds

Funding the Services Citizens Want: Polk County’s BFO Process
When Polk County, Florida, was creating its budget for fiscal 2008, it faced a serious challenge. The county’s primary goal was to focus its budgeting process on the programs and services provided to citizens.
Fran McAskill and Todd Bond

Asking Why: Cuyahoga CountyStat
The purpose of Cuyahoga CountyStat is five-fold: to gather and report on accurate and timely information; guide the allocation of resources; develop effective goals and objectives; allow for the continual monitoring of progress on measures; and demonstrate accountability and transparency.
Jennifer Scofield