Articles In This Month's Issue: December 2006

Budgeting Technology: A Private Sector Solution for an Enduring Public Sector Problem? December GFR cover
(PDF - 3.7k)
Governments are seeking technology to streamline the budgeting process. Is  corporate performance management (CPM) the solution?
Shayne C. Kavanagh and John Ruggini

City of Toronto’s Long-Term Fiscal Plan

If you don’t know where you’re going, you are unlikely to get there. The City of Toronto’s Long-Term Fiscal Plan shows how a well-defined roadmap helps to  achieve the city’s strategic goals.
Len Brittain

Note to Budget Professionals: Policy Analysts Support Policy and Operational Decision Making

A policy analyst can bring important skill sets to a budget office: the ability to design planning processes, to identify study tools to use for problems, to sort through statistical and other information, to facilitate decision making and project management, and to provide subject matter expertise.
Janet Anderson

Effective Budget Management:Take a Fresh Look at Your Workforce

Unexpected labor costs can play havoc with an entity’s budget.An automated time and attendance solution supports an array of workforce management strategies, offering a real-time visibility into labor costs that empowers department managers to better control spending.
Chris Harvey

An Exercise In Cost Saving: Carsharing

This article highlights how innovation in fleet management brought a new twist – and enhanced effectiveness – to a reliable costsaving exercise.
Jeffrey Allen Friedman