Newsletter/Web Advertising FAQ

How do I place an ad? 
Complete the ad contents AND insertion order forms, and then e-mail them to The ad contents form must be e-mailed; the insertion order can be e-mailed or faxed to GFOA, Attn: Employment Ads at 312/977-4806.

Where can I obtain the Ad Contents form and the Insertion Order Form? 
Please use the following links:

When is the deadline?

Ads are added every Thursday; please send both forms in the Friday before.


How much does it cost? 
        $150.00 for active GFOA members 
 $250.00 for associate GFOA members
 $500.00 for nonmembers 

These costs are for a listing that runs for four consecutive weeks.

If your ad does not follow our format and/or is not e-mailed, using our ad contents form, you will be charged an additional $150 editing charge.


How do I know if I’m a member? 

You must indicate if you are an individual or agency member on your insertion order form (it will be verified). INCOMPLETE ORDERS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED.


I’m an ad agency, but the advertiser is a member – which rate do we use? 

If the advertiser is a member, they get the member rate. There is no agency discount.


Is there an agency discount? 



Must it be prepaid? 

We prefer prepayment by credit card or check. But if that is impossible, you must supply a Purchase Order in order to be billed.

If paying by check, you must send the check and completed forms to the GFOA’s lock box (GFOA, Dept. 77-3076, Chicago, IL 60678-3076). But please also fax a copy of the check and the order forms (Ad Contents and Insertion Order) to GFOA at 312/977-4806 to avoid missing the deadline.


Can I have it just posted on the Web, not in the Newsletter

Yes, but you must indicate “Web only posting” on your Insertion Order form AND provide the date that you want to have the ad posted. The charge is still the same - there is no fee discount for Web posting only.


How long will it be on the Web? 

Online postings follow the same schedule as the GFOA Newsletter publication dates.


Please refer to the 2012 Publication Dates/Deadlines for specific publication dates.


How many lines can it be? 

Refer to the Ad Contents Form.


Where can I see a sample ad? 

See GFOA’s Web site under “Employment Ads” for examples.


Where can I see my published ad? 

You may view your employment ad on the GFOA Web site .
Ads will be posted here on the publication date and not before then.


Can you call me to verify that you received my ad? 

We apologize, but due to the heavy volume of ads submitted, the GFOA is unable to confirm receipt of ads. All completed orders will be prepared for publication as directed.


Can I see the ad before it runs? 

We don’t normally do that, but if you put a note on your Ad Contents form that you want to see the ad before it runs and give us your e-mail address, we will make sure to e-mail you a draft before it is published.