Certified Public Finance Officers Program
Guidance on filing CPE credits Biennially


Below is guidance for filing continuing professional education credits to meet the requirements to remain an active CPFO if filing every two years, rather than on an annual basis.
  1. If a CPFO chooses to file once every two years with GFOA, it is a program requirement that each Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO) complete at least a total of 60 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) for the two combined calendar years, starting the second full calendar year following certification. Also, the minimum number of CPE earned in a specific year can be no less than 15 CPE hours.
  2. Each CPFO must complete a form listing the CPE taken over the two calendar years to comply with this requirement and file that form with GFOA staff no later than January 31 following the second calendar year.
  3. GFOA staff will send a notice of the filing requirement and the form to be used for that purpose to each CPFO in December of the second calendar year.  A copy of the form will also be permanently maintained on GFOA’s web site.
  4. GFOA staff will send a reminder to any CPFO who has not filed by the deadline of January 31 after the second calendar year to inform that individual that failure to comply will result in the individual’s status as a CPFO being downgraded to “inactive.”  For individuals that do not meet the deadline of January 31, the CPFO will be downgraded to “inactive.”  Extensions are not allowed if you choose to file on a biennial basis.
  5. GFOA staff will perform a desk review of each CPE report to ensure that it contains the required 60 hours of CPE for the two calendar years.
  6. GFOA staff will notify any CPFO not reporting 60 hours that their report is incomplete and that they must file an amended report demonstrating that they took 60 hours of CPE over the two calendar years period. GFOA staff will also inform the individual that failure to do so will result in the individual’s status being downgraded to “inactive.”
  7. A random sample of those who report the required 60 hours of CPE over a two year period will be selected.  Those individuals will be asked to provide supporting documentation for the hours claimed.  If appropriate documentation cannot be furnished for some or all of the CPE hours claimed, those individuals will be treated in the same fashion as individuals reporting less than 60 hours over a two year period(see previous step).
  8. Any CPFO whose status has been changed to “inactive” will be removed from all official published lists of CPFOs and will be directed not to use the title.  
  9. A CPFO whose status has been changed to “inactive” can be returned to active status only by (1) complying in full with CPE requirements for the two calendar years immediately preceding reactivation and (2) paying a reactivation fee of $100. 
  10. A CPFO who is “inactive” for five consecutive years will have the CPFO designation revoked.