Articles In This Month's Issue: October 2006

The Role of the Finance Officer in Economic Development
(PDF - 6.1k)October GFR Cover
Finance officers have a professional  responsibility to actively participate in the development process from the beginning.GFOA’s new recommended practice spells out ways for the finance officer to be involved.
David MacGillivray

Staying on Track: Crafting a Capital Program Reporting System

A capital program reporting system is a critical component of effective overall financial management for any community with a significant capital program. What information needs to be included and how should it be presented?
Matthew Brown and Steven R. Kreklow

Economic Development Challenges Confronting Suburbs

Small local governments in suburban settings face economic development challenges that include what do to with the housing stock.
William H. Lucy and David L. Phillips 

Integrating Sustainable Development into Business Decisions at Manitoba Lotteries Corporation: From Principle to Practice

The Manitoba Lotteries Corporation won  a GFOA Award for Excellence in 2006 for its practical approach to embedding sustainable development principles using the expertise of existing employees and existing financial planning and control systems.
Cheryl Eason and Donna Dagg

Making Online Bill Pay Work for Billers

Online bill pay services are creating major challenges for government agencies that receive consumer payments for services. Although initiated online, these payments are often received as mailed checks with remitter information on paper lists, forcing billers to use manual processes to apply payments.This article examines a new solution to this problem.
Ann McCormick