Articles In This Month's Issue: August 2006

Public Finance as a ProfessionAugust GFR Cover
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Public service is demanding,difficult work.For most practitioners in the filed,a career in public finance is a conscious choice to serve through skill.
Girard Miller

From Control to Collaboration…Finance Shifts Its Focus

The dilemma faced by government finance  professionals is how to be a responsive, continuously improving force while also staying on top of all the compliance and control-oriented rules inherent in the finance office’s role.
Perry James

Combining Leadership and Management Skills

In today’s world, finance officers need to be both good managers and good leaders. Do you have the skills to be an effective leader?
Karl Nollenberger 

If I Pass the Baton, Who Will Grab It? Creating Bench Strength in Public Management

Challenged by demographics, the availability of a multitude of careers, and the attitudes of Generation Xers,public management now faces a war for talent many leaders never expected.
Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman

Increasing Professional and Personal Productivity Through Managing Stress

Your success at managing stress depends on your ability to manage your attitude and perceptions. This article offers techniques to help you decrease the stress in your life.
Julius Rhodes