Articles In This Month's Issue: April 2006

Celebrating 100 Years of GFOA GFR April 2006 Cover

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GFOA and public finance have come a long way since 1906. GFOA is now a vibrant, diverse organization that is widely respected in the state and local government community. Likewise, finance has become an increasingly important part of public administration, and its practitioners are professionals in every sense of the word. As GFOA enters its second century, it is in a better position than ever before to help its members navigate the complex world of public administration and finance.
Peter Christensen


A Century of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Leadership

The Government Finance Officers Association has provided extensive and invaluable governmental accounting and financial reporting leadership throughout the 20th century, and is poised to continue to do so throughout the 21st century.
Robert J. Freeman and Gregory S. Allison

Leading the Way to Better Budgeting

Over the past century, public budgeting has progressed from legislative dominance to executive dominance. Budgets have become more comprehensive in scope and coverage. GFOA has been a key agent in developing significant improvements in budgetary practices in the public sector.
W. Bartley Hildreth 

Managing and Safeguarding the Public's Money

One hundred years ago, cash management activities revolved around paying the bills. As times changed, GFOA was in the forefront of creating best practices to work with the new realities of banking, investments, and protecting the public funds.
M. Corinne Larson

Disclosure: Managing the Debts of Public Entities

GFOA has led the effort to preserve the ability of state and local governments to issue bonds and other debt obligation to finance essential government projects in a cost-effective manner and encourage disclosure by municipal issuers to forestall regulation by the federal government.
Jeffrey S. Green

Preserving the Future: GFOA's Guidance Role in Pensions

Public pension plans hardly existed a century ago. But as the concept developed and grew, GFOA provided leadership and support to its members dealing with the issues. As a clearinghouse for innovative practices, farsighted judgment, and shared experience, GFOA is certain to play a key role in the resolution of pension issues in the decades to come.
Girard Miller

What Does the Future Hold?
Member essays on future trends in government management and finance.