Articles In The Latest Issue: June 2012GFR Cover

Assessing Your Financial Management Acumen: The City of Roanoke’s Experience with the New GFOA-CIPFA FM Model
Jurisdictions need to look at their financial management periodically to make sure the finance function, and thus the entire organization, is getting the most out of taxpayers’ money. The City of Roanoke, Virginia, used the GFOA’s new financial self-assessment tool to gain insight into these issues.
Chris Morrill, Ann Shawver, and Shayne Kavanagh
The Effect of Fiscal Health on Innovation in Cities
A study confirms that significant resources are necessary to initiate, direct, and implement innovation in local governments, and that fiscally healthy cities innovate more.
Kseniya M. Khovanova-Rubicondo

The University of California ERM Program Reduces the Costs of Risk and Borrowing
By identifying and analyzing the full cost of risk, the University of California’s Department of Risk Management was able to develop strategic plans for reducing costs and freeing up resources.
John Bugalla and Kristina Narvaez

Financial Projections: Securities Law Concerns with Bond Disclosure Documents
The National Association of Bond Lawyers discusses the possible ramifications, under federal securities law, if governmental entities include projections in their primary and secondary market disclosure documents, per the GASB’s Preliminary Views on economic condition reporting.
William L. Hirata and Joseph (Jodie) E. Smith

The City of Atlanta Shares Insights for Increasing Revenue
Property tax revenues, the largest share of general fund revenues for the City of Atlanta, Georgia – and most cities – has fallen greatly in recent years. In response, the city has executed revenue that have helped it actually exceed its anticipated revenue.
Gary Donaldson