Casey Srader, Budget Manager, City of Plano, Texas

The City of Plano has participated in ICMA’s Center for Performance Measurement Program since 2007.  During this entire time, Casey served as ICMA’s Primary Coordinator for the City of Plano meaning that he is the point-person for our organization as it relates to performance measurement.  During this time, he worked closely with the various service areas (departments) in helping them to align their processes and reporting mechanisms to match those outlined on ICMA’s service area templates.  He also made regular reports of the results and findings to our City Council.

Throughout his  tenure at the City of Plano, he has extensively researched and applied the whole concept of performance measures and performance measurement systems.  More specifically, as Budget Manager, he helped to align and link performance measures to city-wide goals (both short-term and long-term) and ultimately, the city’s Strategic Vision.  In addition, he has been a part of using performance measures and tying them into our shift towards Priority-Based Budgeting

  • Currently serve on GFOA’s National Committee On Governmental Budgeting And Fiscal Policy.  2nd term.
  • Presented session on “Public Sector Budgeting Using EnterpriseOne”; JDEdwards COLLABORATE Conference; 2012.
  • Co-Taught GFOA class on “Analyzing Budgets:  The Nuts and Bolts of Budget Analysis”; St. Louis, MO; July 25-26, 2011.
  • Presented session on “Public Sector Budgeting Using OneWorld Xe”; JDEdwards FOCUS Conference; 2001.
  • Presented session on “Successful Budgeting in the Public Sector”; JDEdwards FOCUS Conference; 1997.
  • Member of Government Finance Officers Association of Texas (GFOAT).
  • Member of Urban Management Assistants of North Texas (UMANT).