Articles In This Month's Issue: June 2005

Financial Management and Effectiveness in Public Service Organizations:The UK's CIPFA FM ModGFR June 2005 Cover

Improving services in the public sector is not just about front-line delivery—effective governance and financial management are also key drivers of effective service delivery. Public finance professionals in the UK have developed a framework for aligning financial management with organizational priorities.
Sue Beauchamp and Carole Hicks


Ontario's Municipal Performance Measurement Program: Fostering Innovation and Accountability in Local Government

Ontario’s mandatory performance measurement program for municipalities was the capstone of a decade of sweeping reforms in the provincial-municipal relationship. Five years after its creation, the program is enhancing accountability to taxpayers while stimulating creativity and best practices in service delivery.
John Burke


Sweden's Kommuninvest Financing Cooperative: Proving that the Best Solutions are Created Together

Fed up with the high cost of financing capital investments, local governments in one county in Sweden took matters into their own hands and created their own credit market company. Nearly 20 years later, member municipalities throughout the country are using the interest savings to fund critical public services.
Anitha Holmberg and Lennart Frommegard 


Achieving Government Transformation through ERP Systems

After a decade of experience, CFOs and other public managers are much wiser about how
to implement and realize value from enterprise financial and human resource systems. Adapted from a new GFOA book, this article looks at how governments are using these systems to achieve high performance.
Rowan A. Miranda and Shayne C. Kavanagh


Work Pressure: Get Control Before It Controls You

Work pressure is a constant challenge for today’s professionals, especially for finance officers who work under the glare of the public eye and in an environment in which expectations almost always exceed fiscal capacity. Learn how to ensure that work pressures do not control your actions either on or off the job.
John Rop