Articles In This Month's Issue: February 2005

Unlocking the Potential of Your Employees: The Not-So-Secret Secrets of Motivational Leadership GFR February 2005 cover
How managers motivate employees to achieve desired results has been the subject of decades of evolving analysis. Recent study and experience has led to one critical generalization: people will be more engaged in their work if they are treated as respected, valued adults who have individual motives, abilities, and preferences.
Lynn A. Moline

What Does Leadership in Public Finance Mean to You?

GFOA asked the members for their thoughts on what it means to be a leader in public finance. This is what you told us.

A New Model for Training Public Sector Leaders: The Role of Self-Other Perceptions in Leadership Development

Leadership — and how to develop leadership qualities in yourself and others — has become an increasingly important topic in public administration. This article presents a leadership development technique based on self-other ratings comparisons.
Douglas M. Ihrke


Financial Leadership for the 21st Century: An Interview with Five Public Sector Leaders

What is leadership? How do you become a leader in your organization? How do you inspire others to achieve your vision? Learn how experienced managers have answered these questions and others pertaining to the leadership role of finance officers.
Anne Spray Kinney


Collateralized Mortgage Obligations: Are They Suitable for Public Investors?

Collateralized mortgage obligations can be complex to understand for public investors accustomed to purchasing fixed-income securities with stated maturity dates. Learn what CMOs are and how they are issued, what makes these securities unique, and how to evaluate the risks.
M. Corinne Larson