Roger Neumaier has been Finance Director for Snohomish County, Washington, population 720,000 since 2004 and has been the responsible budget officer for the County since 1999. During his tenure as Finance Director, Snohomish County has established a national reputation for its innovative implementation of priority-based budgeting utilizing this outcome-based budgeting approach since 2004. Before working for Snohomish County, Neumaier worked for seven years as Chief Finance and Administration Officer for the Washington State Health Care Authority, the state agency that manages both the Basic Health Plan and State’s employee benefits programs. Between 1987 and 1992, Neumaier was Chief Financial Officer for Industrial Insurance at the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. In 1992, Labor and Industries won the prestigious Ford Foundation Innovations in Government Award for programmatic and financial innovations. Prior to working for the State, he was employed by Seafirst Corporation. Roger is a CPA and a graduate of Carleton College.