Articles In This Month's Issue: August 2004

Make or Buy? Using Cost Analysis to Decide Whether to Outsource Public Services GFR August 2004 cover
Many governments are considering outsourcing as a means of reducing costs and balancing their budgets in what is still a challenging fiscal environment. Learn how to analyze whether outsourcing a given service does in fact make financial sense.
R. Gregory Michel

Expect the Unexpected: Financing the Orange County Convention Center

Expansion in the Wake of Terrorism and Recession The successful completion of the $748 million Orange County Convention Center expansion in the midst of recession, terrorism, and war offers valuable lessons in capital planning, project finance, and teamwork.
Sharon Donoghue, Eric Gassman, Stephanie Taub, and Fred Winterkamp

The Future of the Check: How Check 21 and Emerging Technologies Will Change Our Payments System

The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act provides for replacing the physical transport of checks with the electronic transfer of check images. Are you ready for the changes that will occur in the payments system once the new law takes effect October 28?
Archie B. Kelly 

Shared Services:A Strategy for Reinventing Government

By consolidating administrative functions into stand-alone organizational entities whose only mission is to provide these functions as efficiently as possible, governments can significantly reduce back-office costs and reallocate resources to higher-impact activities.
David A. Wilson

That’s the Ticket: Lessons Learned from Chicago’s Parking Ticket Amnesty Program

Forced to seek out alternative revenue sources to make up for flagging sales and tourism taxes, the City of Chicago developed a parking ticket amnesty program that generated $9 million in revenues in just six weeks.
Matt Darst