Articles In The Latest Issue: October 2012

Structuring the Revenue Forecasting Process GFR Cover Image

A structured approach can help forecasters ask the right questions, given the environment and audience; use the most appropriate techniques; and apply the lessons from one round of forecasting to future rounds.
Shayne C. Kavanagh and Charles Iglehart

The City of Redmond Focuses on Vision and Fiscal Sustainability
The City of Redmond, Washington, developed a long-range financial strategy that resulted in structurally balanced budgets that focused on realizing the city’s vision.
Mike Bailey

Calgary: 100 Years of Policies and Plans
Building a truly sustainable budget requires an understanding of what sustainability means to the community over the long term and what challenges the jurisdiction faces in achieving that vision. The City of Calgary, Alberta, therefore provides a longer-term context for shorter-term decisions.
Chris Jacyk

Getting Past the Quick Fix: On the Road to Financial Resiliency
Some of the things agencies normally do to weather typical downturns—deferring maintenance, reducing funding for liabilities, and spending reserves—have made a recovery even more difficult. It’s time to look beyond the short term and establish financial resiliency.
Kevin Knutson

Bringing Focus to the New Clarity Standards
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Auditing Standards Board reissued its Statement on Auditing Standards No. 122 to make auditing standards easier to read, understand, and apply. The change should result in more consistent application of the standards.
Gerry Boaz