Articles In This Month's Issue: December 2003

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold! How Web-Based Auctions Can Increase Yields and Improve Efficiency GFR December 2003 Cover
Since it began auctioning its investment dollars on the Internet, Monroe County has achieved superior yields, greater internal control over assets, and increases in worker productivity. Learn how the Web-based auction platform can enhance your government’s investment program.
Gerald Mecca

From Paper to Plastic: How to Design and Implement a Purchasing Card Program

While most governments are well aware of the benefits of purchasing cards, many are still not using them for fear of employee abuse. Governments can overcome these concerns and achieve administrative efficiencies by designing a program around sound policies and procedures.
John A. Sofley Jr.

Understanding and Preventing Payment Fraud

Thanks to inexpensive technology, payment fraud has blossomed into a $10 billion industry. Now that some of the liability for fraud losses has shifted to depositors, governments need to know how to prevent these losses from happening in the first place.
Michael M. Fletcher

Teaming up on Banking Services: How Combining Business Volumes Can Drive Down Costs

By applying the cooperative purchasing model to the banking services arena, three North Carolina governments collectively succeeded in negotiating better pricing and service.
Perry E. James

GFOA’s New Model Investment Policy

GFOA recently updated its model investment policy to provide additional guidance and greater flexibility to governments as they navigate a challenging investment climate.
Michelle R.B. Saddler