Amelia Merchant is the Director of the Department of Management and Budget for the City of Roanoke, Virginia. She has been with the City of Roanoke for almost 11 years and served in the capacities of Budget/Management Analyst and Budget Administrator. Prior to employment with the City of Roanoke, Amelia served as the Executive Director of the HOPE Institute for Technology, a non-profit organization connecting with other non-profits to provide youth with technology training, and was employed by Virginia Tech as the Assistant Coordinator for Academic Support in the Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence (CAEE) as well as the Coordinator for Cultural Centers with the Dean of Students Office.

Over the course of the last 5 years, Amelia has led the Department of Management and Budget and the City of Roanoke through budget process improvements which include a modified zero-based budget process and the implementation of the Budgeting for Outcomes process. She has also completed courses presented by GFOA and VGFOA (Operating and Capital Budgeting, Virginia Government and Law) as well as the Budgeting for Budget Analysts national training. Amelia is a member of both the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) as well as the Virginia Government Finance Officers Association (VGFOA).

In June, along with 2 colleagues, Amelia will be presenting at the GFOA Conference in Chicago. The subject will be the Budgeting for Outcomes system which was designed in-house by the City of Roanoke Department of Technology and utilized by the Department of Management and Budget to implement th Budgeting for Outcomes process.

Amelia holds a degree in Physics from Norfolk State University and an MBA from Virginia Tech. She has also completed numerous courses in the field of higher education as well which focused on academic support for students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs.