Articles In This Month's Issue: August 2003

Managing Your Virtual World: Internal Controls for Enterprise Technology GFR August 2003 cover
With the implementation of integrated, online, real-time enterprise systems, internal con- trols are evolving into support for fully automated operational management.
Joseph Thompson

Poison Pills and White Knights: Doing Business with an ERP Industry in Transition

Industry turmoil resulting from the burst of the tech bubble and the recent merger mania has left governments anxious about the products they own or were considering purchasing. Now is an opportune time to evaluate ERP industry practices and discuss needed reforms.
Rowan A. Miranda

Order in the Courts! Bringing ERP to California's Trial Courts

GFOA is working with the State of California on a unique project that will bring ERP technologies to California's trial courts.
Melanie Hayden and Robert Roque

It's About Time (Keeping)! The Ins and Outs of Time and Attendance Software

By automating cumbersome manual timekeeping processes, time and attendance systems can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of payroll processing in government.
Patrice Sutton Burger

Planning for CRM Success

Regardless of whether or not the reported failure rates for CRM projects are accurate, governments can enhance the prospect of a successful implementation through careful planning.
Shayne Kavanagh

Making the Grade? ERP and Public School Districts

ERP systems have come a long way in meeting the needs of state and local governments and special districts. How well have they performed in public school districts?
Michael Wheeler