Articles In This Month's Issue: December 2002

From Scorekeeper to Business Partner: The Evolving Role of Government Financial Executives GFR December 2002 cover
By leading the charge to entrepreneurial government and developing nonfinancial competencies, government financial executives can step out of the shadow of their technical expertise and into an expanded role at the policymaking table as valued business partners.
C. Morgan Kinghorn, Jr.

GFOA Code of Professional Ethics: Anchor in a Sea of Change

The integrity of financial professionals recently has come under attack in the wake of a series of corporate accounting scandals. Finance officers must assign renewed emphasis to the GFOA Code of Professional Ethics if they are to maintain the confidence of government stakeholders.
Eric R. Johnson

Career-Building Strategies

The recent recession hit professionals particularly hard and fundamentally altered the job market. To succeed in this new environment, finance officers should have a personal career development plan.
Mark Morgan 

The Budget Analyst: Skills, Training, and Compensation

To be effective in modern government organizations, budget analysts need to possess the right combination of personality traits, analytical and communication skills, and knowledge of government finance and operations.
R. Gregory Michel

Practicing What We Preach: Measuring the Performance of the Finance Office

Many finance and budget offices are responsible for their government’s performance measurement program. Ironically, they often have difficulty collecting and reporting performance information on themselves.
Janet M. Kelly and James York

Your Place or Mine? Telecommuting and the Finance Officer

Rapid advances in technology have converged with the increasingly frenetic pace of American life to make telecommuting an increasingly common work arrangement. A recent survey revealed that at least one segment of government finance officers has positive attitudes toward telecommuting.
Joseph J. Grippaldi