Articles In This Month's Issue: August 2002

Purchasing Cards Come of Age: A Survey of State and Local Governments
Purchasing card spending by state and local governments more than doubled between 1998 and 2001, fueled byGFR August 2002 cover
greater card distribution among public employees and fewer restrictions on usage.
Richard J. Palmer, Mahendra Gupta, Antonio Davila, and Tim Mills

Finding Opportunities in Fiscal Stress:How to Balance Your Budget and Improve Performance

As they struggle to balance their revenue-deprived budgets, state and local governments should look beyond mere cost-cutting measures to structural solutions that not only foster budgetary balance, but also enhance service delivery.
Anne Spray Kinney, Peter Hutchinson, and David Osborne

Does Bond Insurance Make Sense for You?

The use of bond insurance by state and local governments has become increasingly common in the municipal market.
Governments need to understand the mechanics of bond insurance so that they can make informed decisions
as to whether or not it is appropriate for them.
Frank Moore

Back to Basics:Making the Case for Investment Policies

Local governments sometimes look to investment earnings to compensate for declining revenues. Adhering to
established investment policies can help ensure that they don’t compromise the safety of public funds in the process.
Francie Heller, Sally Walton, and Jeremy Willmoth

Taking the Plunge:The Conversion to Multi-year Budgeting

By abandoning the traditional annual budget in favor of a biennial budget framework, one small city has saved
staff time, improved its strategic planning capabilities, and enhanced its overall financial condition
Andrea Jackson

Restoring Confidence in the Accounting Profession:Ideas for Improving Financial Reporting

Continuing revelations of accounting scandals at some of America's highest flying corporations have shaken investor
confidence and public perception of the accounting profession. The vitality of the financial markets and the economy
rest on the profession's ability to restore confidence in the financial reporting system.
Lynn Turner