Articles In This Month's Issue: June 2002

Using Your Web Site to Enhance Bond Market Disclosure GFR June 2002 cover
The proliferation of government Web sites offers a powerful tool for communicating disclosure information to the municipal bond market.
J. Ben Watkins, III and Lucy H. Harris

State Revenue Forecasting: An Institutional Framework

The revenue forecasting environment can be as important as the projections themselves, since credibility ultimately influences utility. The independence and transparency that characterize Minnesota's forecasting framework help keep the state's budget process on track.
Thomas F. Stinson

Improving Revenue Projections: 10 Questions-And Answers

A systematic approach to revenue forecasting increases the likelihood of reliable projections and eliminates some of the mystery for government stakeholders.
Laura E. Morrison

e-Government Evolution: The Richardson, Texas, Experience

After successfully managing the transition to e-government, the City of Richardson, Texas, continues to add to its electronic service portfolio.
Edward C. Snavely   

Financing Economic Development: A Survey of Techniques

Economic development has evolved into an important activity for state and local governments. Understanding the various methods of financing these efforts can help governments maximize private investment in their communities.
Peter Eisinger

Technology for Small Governments: Ohio's Uniform Accounting Network

Responding to financial crises and accounting deficiencies caused by manual bookkeeping procedures in small governments, the Ohio Auditor of State has made automated financial systems an affordable reality for the state's 2,012 villages and townships.
Jim Petro

Paperless Document Recording: Saving Time and Money in Broward County

Broward County's use of electronic document recording demonstrates how governments can use technology to improve operational efficiency and better serve their customers.
Melissa Pinto Heller