Financial Planning: The 8 Characteristics of Fiscal Resiliency - July 25, 2013

Group Internet-based course
Prerequisites: None       
Course Level: Intermediate
CPE credits: 2
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm (Eastern)

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Who Will Benefit
The seminar is designed for state and local government finance directors, budget directors, budget staff, and chief executive/administrative officers and others responsible for long range planning.

The concept of “financial sustainability” has captured the attention of local government leaders. However, sustainability is a necessary but insufficient condition to ensure the ongoing financial health of local government. A sustainable system is balanced, but an external shock can unbalance the system and perhaps even collapse it. Local governments will continue to face serious challenges from outside, including but not limited to economic adjustments, natural disasters, and important policy changes by other levels of government. As such, finance officers must strive to help their organizations go beyond sustainability to a system that is adaptable and regenerative – in a word: resilient. This seminar will review the characteristics of a financially resilient system and policies and strategies finance officers can pursue to move towards resiliency.

Seminar Learning Objectives
Attendees will learn:

  • The eight characteristics of a resilient government
  • Policies the governing board can adopt to promote resiliency
  • Strategies for supporting  resiliency


Recommended Reading

  • GFOA Whitepaper “Building a Financially Resilient Government through Long-Term Financial Planning”


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