Essentials of Debt Financing and Management: February 12-13, 2014

Group-live course
Prerequisites: None
Course level: Intermediate
CPE credits: 16
Time: 2 days, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (both days)


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Who Will Benefit
This course is designed for public-sector finance officers needing best practice guidance on how to manage their debt portfolios. The focus will be on tactics and best practices involved with successful management of debt.

This course will focus on the basic tools finance officers need in managing their obligations. The course will emphasize GFOA best practices and advisories that have been developed to help governments make appropriate decisions about their debt issuance and management practices and procedures, and to be in compliance with the constantly evolving rules and regulations that govern the municipal securities market.

Numerous GFOA best practices will be highlighted in a variety of areas, including: the importance of aligning debt with the details of the government’s capital improvement plan; developing a debt policy; selecting finance professionals; choosing the right debt instruments; choosing competitive versus negotiated sales; watching out for issues with derivatives and some taxable bonds; understanding issuer disclosure responsibilities; and understanding refundings. Each of these important topics will use the GFOA’s best practices, advisories, and checklists, which are designed to give finance officers a better understanding of the unique requirements of debt management and tax and securities law requirements. 

Seminar Objectives

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the debt instruments available to state and local governments
  • Understand the refunding process
  • Understand arbitrage rebate and the responsibilities associated with it
  • Develop effective policy guidelines for the government’s debt management
  • Understand the issuer’s disclosure responsibilities
  • Make use of rating agency presentations

Recommended Reading

  • Debt Issuance and Management: A Guide for Smaller Governments
  • An Elected Official’s Guide: Debt Issuance, second edition
  • A Guide for Preparing a Debt Policy
  • Tax-Exempt Financing: A Primer, revised edition
  • Benchmarking and Measuring Debt Capacity (GFOA Budgeting Series, Vol. 1)


Registration Fees
GFOA member: $580      Nonmember: $790