Long Range Financial Planning Series: Overview - March 6, 2014

Group Internet-based course
Prerequisites: None
Course level: Intermediate
CPE credits: 2

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm (Eastern)


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Who Will Benefit
The seminar is designed for state and local government finance directors, budget directors, budget staff, and chief executive/administrative officers and other staff responsible for long-range planning.

Program Overview
This seminar describes the process of analyzing the financial and economic environment of a local government as part of the process of long-term financial planning. In order to produce a quality forecast and good financial strategies, planners must understand the forces acting on the organization. An analysis of the financial and economic environment
examines the social, technological, economic, ecological, and political forces that are sources of uncertainty or that may give rise to threats or opportunities. Participants will learn how to gather, analyze, and present information on these forces in a way that places the organization on a firm foundation to conduct long-term financial planning.

Seminar Objectives
Attendees will learn:

  • The five fundamental forces that you must investigate in order to understand the financial and economic environment.
  • Techniques to interview key stakeholders and the important questions to ask.
  • Key sources of publicly available data that can help you with the analysis.
  • Methods for presenting data that are interesting and informative. 


Registration Fees
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