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Pursuing World Class Performance in Public Financial Management

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    • New Product


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How effective is your jurisdiction s financial management? The CIPFA GFOA FM Model can help you find out. This powerful tool, created by the GFOA s U.K. counterpart, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, and customized for U.S. and Canadian governments by the GFOA, will help your organization achieve high performance in financial management.


What it is

The CIPFA-GFOA FM Model provides governments with a detailed set of self-assessment questions. The model:

  • Assesses every major area of financial management — budgeting, debt management, financial planning, and more.
  • Covers additional issues such as transparency, citizen engagement, and use of technology.
  • Facilitates an evidence-based approach to self-assessment.
  • Summarizes responses and identifies overall competencies and areas that need attention.
  • Provides a wealth of data governments can use for continuous improvement of their financial management.
  • Helps improve the functioning of the entire organization by strengthening financial management capacity.


What you will receive

The system is provided to you via a secure dedicated Web site. You can score your performance by responding to carefully crafted questions in order to gain a clear picture of where your organization stands. Features include:

  • Self-assessment survey tool where scores for the statements and answers to the supporting questions can be entered.
  • Suite of standard reports.
  • Survey tool, including a set of standard surveys.
  • Export capability to Excel so survey results can be analyzed.
  • Repeat use and score tracking.


What it does

CIPFA-GFOA FM Model Community

The CIPFA-GFOA FM Model allows government leaders to examine financial management in depth, across their organizations, to:

  • Understand the predominant style of financial management.
  • See how financial management style supports strategic goals.
  • Promote a conversation about the role of the financial function and how it will evolve.
  • Support organizational leaders’ skills in financial management.
  • Build a team-based approach to high performance in financial management.
  • Help prioritize improvement needs.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Review and track progress over time.

Join the Community!

Collaborate with your peers using the FM Model Community Forum. Post questions and share tips about getting the most from the financial management self-assessment tool. Members of the FM Model community are already actively asking questions and exchanging experiences, so join the conversation! The FM Model forum is your FM Model meeting place.

To learn more about the FM Model Community forum, or to join, e-mail FM Model.


To Order
Please download the order form and send the completed form to GFOA.


For more information, contact Anne Spray Kinney at 312-977-9700 or e-mail

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