Articles In The Latest Issue: June 2013GFR Cover

Lean: The Next Big Thing in Government?
Using Lean techniques to reduce waste allows public managers to operate more cost effectively, maintaining the quality of the services offered, along with a high level of respect for the people – the public servants – who deliver them.
Shayne Kavanagh and Jeff Cole

Getting Started with Lean Government Projects
There is clear evidence that Lean is working in government – or at least that Lean tools are working. The question now is not why we should implement Lean, but how we will integrate Lean fully into public management.
Harry Kenworthy

Cash on the Barrel with Lean
Managers often say Lean programs ultimately don’t deliver quite what they were expected to—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Following the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and working through specific issues will allow any organization to create real value with Lean.
Bert Teeuwen

Engage Employees for Sustainable Success
Sustained improvements only occur when employees are fully engaged in defining and executing the changes needed to achieve higher performance.
Ryan Chasey

Lean Processes without Compromising Control / Robyn L. Raschke, Michael T. Lee, and Arti Mann Business process controls can be designed into Lean processes without compromising the effectiveness of either.

The City of Conroe, Texas: Lessons from a Lean Veteran
The City of Conroe, Texas, provides lessons learned from its aggressive pursuit of Lean principles and suggests ways to prepare for some of the obstacles that can develop in a Lean program.
Sherrie Mattson