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The Missing Metric
Analyses showing huge disparities in property tax collected for different building types in various locations point the way to a new regulatory approach that considers future revenue return among a range of parameters.
Peter Katz


Overcoming Opposition to More Compact Development 

The ultimate obstacle todenser land development is the perverse incentives facing both local government and its citizenry.
Mark Calabria

 The New Fiscal Role in Land-Use Planning
Long the quiet enabler of private rea lestate activity, government must now be the guardian of more sophisticated patterns of human settlement and economic activity.
Stephen Lawton


Anticipating the Black Swan
The trying circumstances faced by Sarasota County in theGreat Recession and its aftermath highlight the dangers of relying too much on statistical informationthat is disconnected from the realities of community and place.
Jim Ley

Thinking Differently about Development
Research shows that regardless of the size of the municipality, its most potent property tax generating properties are its downtown or Main Street.
Joe Minicozzi

Spatialization of Revenue Structures
This article presents a framework for understandinghow the physical configuration of a municipality is affected by the tax policies it chooses.
Michael A. Pagano

Private Money for Public Projects
As state and local jurisdictions increasingly seek private funding to supplement public dollars, they face concerns about donor activism.
Paul Landow and Carol Ebdon


Sports Facilities and Economic Development

A new sports facility by itself should not be expected to raise employment or per capita income levels in a community.
Andrew Zimbalist