How to Purchase ERP Software & Services the Right Way: March 17-18, 2014

Group-live course
Prerequisites: None. This course is designed for all ERP users. No technology background is required.        
Course level: Intermediate    
CPE credits: 16
Time: 2 days, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (both days)

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Who Will Benefit
Public-sector organizations currently evaluating the effectiveness of their administrative software systems, preparing to issue a request for proposals (RFP) for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, or in the process of procuring an ERP solution.

This course will focus on how to select the right ERP solution, which can be a daunting task for any organization regardless of size. The course will begin with an overview of modern ERP applications. Instructors will then walk through the ERP needs assessment process. The needs assessment component will address tough subjects such as whether or not to pursue a new solution, optimize a current application, change business processes, or procure a new solution. Students will then learn how to develop an effective RFP for the desired solution. Instructors will address developing functional requirements, designing the RFP, and navigating the selection process. The course will conclude with an overview of the contracting process. Emphasis will be placed on risk mitigation.

Seminar Objectives
  • Understand how modern ERP applications work
  • Learn how to conduct a needs assessment to define the right solution
  • Develop a comprehensive RFP and selection process
  • Learn how to mitigate risk through effective software and implementation contracts

Recommended Reading

  • The ERP Book: Financial Management Technology from A to Z

Registration Fees
GFOA member:  $580     Nonmember:  $790