Advanced Budget Analysis: Policy Analysis, Cost Benefit, and Program Review - December 10, 2013

Group-live course

Prerequisites:  Budget Academy
Course level: Advanced
CPE credits: 8
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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Who Will Benefit
This session is designed for budget managers and analysts tasked with providing budget analysis, policy analysis, and program reviews for both operating and capital requests. It will provide practical guidance on how to use data analysis methods, forecasting, cost benefit analysis, fiscal impact analysis, and other analytic methods  to provide decision support. This is an advanced course that assumes users will have a basic understanding of the budget process.

As fiscal stress and citizen expectations continue to increase, governments are under intense pressure to deliver quality services with fewer and fewer resources. Budget managers and analysts then tasked with “watching the budget” require special skills in data analysis, performance management, communication, and organizational understanding. This session will provide practical information on how to effectively analyze different proposals and compare short-term and long-term impacts on both costs and services.  In addition, speakers will discuss methods of monitoring ongoing proposals and budgets to perform continuous evaluations and allow governments to become more responsive,  effective, and efficient.  Key approaches that will be discussed include cost benefit analysis, return on investment, fiscal impact analysis, costing, and performance evaluations.

Seminar Objectives

  • Learn how to work with departments to prepare quality budget requests that enable proper evaluation of options
  • Develop skills to evaluate how proposed services align with organizational priorities
  • Learn strategies for analyzing revenue and expenditures, including hard to quantify costs
  • Learn how to include anticipated benefits as part of the analysis
  • Identify which analytic approaches are most appropriate for different scenarios that budget analysis face as part of the budget or ongoing evaluation process.

Recommended Reading

  • Financing the Future: Long-Term Financial Planning for Local Government
  • Revenue Analysis and Forecasting (GFOA Budgeting Series, Vol. 2)
  • Decision Tools for Budgetary Analysis (GFOA Budgeting Series, Vol. 3)


Registration Fees
GFOA member:  $370     Nonmember:  $550