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Sizing Your Reserves: A Risk-Based Approach
The GFOA was recently able to work with the City of Colorado Springs to apply a risk-based approach to sizing reserves, helping the city determine a deliberate and strategic amount of general fund financial reserves.
Shayne Kavanagh and Kara Skinner

Chula Vista’s Path to Financial Recovery, Using the GFOA’s 12-Step Process
After a decade of extensive growth, the City of Chula Vista experienced several years of significant fiscal stress and needed to find a path to recovery.
Maria Kachadoorian

Yolo County Uses Best Practices to Guide Long-Term Planning
The Great Recession underscored the urgent need for long-term planning for many local governments, including Yolo County, California, which determined that recovery and growth would not be possible without first strengthening the county’s financial infrastructure.
Howard Newens

Navigating Turbulent Times: Approaches and Strategies
To navigate these times of economic turbulence, local governments need proactive approaches and strategies that address critical fiscal management issues.
Nancy Zielke and Douglas Stokes

Zero-Base Budgeting: A Concept Whose Time Has Come – Again
The City of Garland, Texas, has a long and interesting history with zero-base budgeting, a process that remains useful in today’s local government environment.
G. Chris Hartung

Property Tax Levies and Collections in New Orleans, Before and After Hurricane Katrina
The New Orleans experience is a case study of how a natural disaster alters the financial landscape of a city drastically and immediately, and provides insights into how the tax base might behave after a natural disaster.
Salomon Alcocer Guajardo