Jimmy Forbis currently serves as the Utilities Business Manager for the City of Morgan Hill where he oversees Utility Operations, Finance and Administration, and Capital Projects. Mr. Forbis has served more than eight years in government finance including previous positions as a Management Analyst III for San Mateo County and Budget Manager for the City of Morgan Hill.

In his role as the Utilities Business Manager, he oversaw the implementation of a community outreach program in efforts to address a structural financial deficit that required significant utility rate increases. In his previous role as the City’s budget manager, he was responsible for communicating the budgetary impacts of the economic recession which saw the organization reduce services and undergo a significant workforce reduction.

Mr. Forbis has a Master’s of Public Administration from San Jose State University and attended the University of Kansas and Missouri Western University and received a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration. He is also a Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO).

The City of Morgan Hill Utilities Division was the 2012 American Water Works Association (AWWA) Public Communications Achievement Award winner.