Other Books on Long-Term Financial Planning

Resources useful in implementing financial plan or to learn more about concepts discussed in Financing the Future.

* Financial Policies: Design and Implementation from GFOA
Practical guide to creating policies across wide spectrum of financial management areas.


* Excel Charts from Wiley Publishing

One of the world's best-known Excel experts shows how to master the charting features in Excel to create compelling graphic representations of data.


* Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling from Microsoft Press 

Exmples of the best ways to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis, modeling, and decision making within real-world business scenarios.

* Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector from the Brookings Institution
How governments can work with other public sector, private sector, and not-for-profit organizations to confront pressing problems.

* Preparing for the Future: Strategic Planning in the U.S. Air Force from the Brookings Institution
Principles of effective long-range planning derived from U.S. Air Force case study.

* Collaborative Public Management: New Strategies for Local Governments from Georgetown University Press
Lessons of local government collaborations with other organizations for economic development. Many of the lessons are applicable to financial planning.

* The Price of Government: Getting the Results We Need in an Age of Permanent Crisis from Basic Books
Exploration of financial problems facing governments across the United States.  Practical steps to re-orient budget process to outcomes of greatest value to the community.

* Evaluating Financial Condition from International City/County Management Association
System to monitor and measure financial trends, used by many jurisdictions, including some featured in Financing the Future.

* Citizen Surveys: How to Do Them, How to Use Them, What They Mean from International City/County Management Association Practical guide to use of citizen surveys.

* Building Citizen Involvement: Strategies for Local Government Training Workbook from International City/County Management Association.
Strategies for involving the public in important policy and community decisions.