Financial Plan Documents 

Characteristics of Effective Plans
Plan documents come in a variety of different design formats. Key components of plan documents along with agencies whose plan document represent effective presentation are cited.


* Executive Summary
Summary of plan with focus on outcome of planning process (see the “Overview” section of the City of Tempe’s Comprehensive Financial Plan).

* Organizational Goals
Description of organization-wide goals supported by financial plan (see the City of Coral Springs’ Business Plan. Describes city’s organizational goals and their financial implications).

* Financial Environment
Explanation of results of organization’s fiscal environment analysis (see the “Future Fiscal Issues” section of the City of Sunnyvale’s Budget and Ten-Year Resource Allocation Plan).

* Revenue Projections
Explanation of revenue projections including key supporting methods and underlying assumptions (see the “City and School Revenues” section of City of Virginia Beach’s Budgetary Forecast).

* Expenditure Projections
Explanation of expenditure projections with supporting method and underlying assumptions (see the “City and School Expenditures” section of the City of Virginia Beach’s Budgetary Forecast. Forecast “Conclusion” follows, demonstrating how trends drawn from revenue and expenditure projections can be communicated).

* Debt
Debt position and strategy addressed (see the City of Tempe’s “Debt Management Plan” section of its Comprehensive Financial Plan).

* Recommendations / Action Plan
Plan recommendation for achieving financial stability (see the City of Long Beach’s Three-Year Financial Strategic Plan, for description of how the city plans to achieve and maintain financial stability).

See the "Gap Closing Strategies" section of the City of Gresham's plan for a good presentation of financial strategy options/recommendations for elected officials and executive management.


* Financial Policies
Reference the supporting financial policies. See GFOA publication Financial Policies: Design and Implementation for examples of financial policies.

* Critical Issues / Projects
Issues or projects that may impact long-term financial planning (see the City of Palo Alto’s Long-Range Financial Plan’s “Financial Challenges” section - Chapter 4).