Articles In This Month's Issue: June 2007

Interpreting Local Government Financial StatementsJune07 GFR cover
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Users of local government financial statements typically approach a government’s finances from three different but complementary perspectives: near-term financing situation, financial position, and economic condition. This article outlines where to find the information in a government’s financial report for each of those perspectives.
Stephen J. Gauthier

Capital Budgets: The Building Blocks for Government Infrastructure
Operating and capital budgets are inextricably linked, and decisions made in one process will affect decisions in the other. Therefore, it is critical that government officials and managers have a firm grasp of the long-term effects, both positive and negative, that capital spending will have.
Michael A.Pagano and David R.Shock

We’re All in IT Together: Aligning Technology with Business through IT Governance
Managing the costs and capturing the benefits of planning, organizing, developing, and executing information technology is a delicate task. IT governance is one means of easing the implementation burdens surrounding IT investment.
Shayne C. Kavanagh and Matt Suppert

Using the Web to Increase Transparency and Accountability
Providing financial information in an accessible manner, such as on an entity’s Web site, encourages stakeholder participation, increases awareness, and demonstrates financial accountability.
Patricia A. Phillips and Bernard Abey

How New Standards for Auditors Will Likely Affect the Governments They Audit
What do you need to know about the potential impact of the new auditing standards that may affect you when your entity is being audited?
Stephen J. Gauthier